Manabe Garden

Manabe Garden

Gardening beyond the 50th anniversary features depth and integrity!

Manabe Garden changed every moment with the times from 1966 and continued being expanded. Garden which is known as first Japanese konifagaden is constructed in in 25,000 tsubos and Japanese garden, westernism garden, landscape garden. It is only plant sample garden performing all of tree production, design, landscape gardening, management in-house. Plant of new kind to be seen only here must see it!

From April 22 to December 3
8:00 - nightfall (place 18:00 in the summer in the last containing) ※In the case of change, it is at time
■Regular holiday
It is without holiday during period
■Parking lot
50 cars, bus five
Adult (more than high school student) 800 yen, the small, junior high student 200 yen, infant for free
■The location
2, Inadachohigashi, Obihiro-shi Line 6
Map cord124 474 718*32
Possible pet companion (in the building, impossible)
There are two wheelchairs of person of assistance required
(only as for ezorisukosu 800m, possible traffic)

The latest information

Date Title
2016-09-15 Thursday Malls of Manabe Garden became able to walk all on Thursday, September 15.
Original cookies

Family of ezorisu continues living in Manabe Garden from the reclamation past. We continue being loved in logo mark of our garden and motif of Orr dinull cookies now when it, too.

Flower calendar

From April to May
  • Crab apple
  • Azaleas
  • ezoajisai
  • Bulbous plant
  • Fields and mountains grass
From June to July
  • Honeysuckle
  • obeniutsugi
  • Hybrid sweetbriers
  • Meadowsweet
From August to September
  • robai
  • American hydrangeas
  • Hydrangea paniculata
  • Initial colored leaves such as Euonymus oxyphylla