Tokachi Hills

Tokachi Hills

We feel "agriculture and meal" of flower garden TOKACHI on hill close

Welcome to garden where there are a lot of delicious water, charm of TOKACHI to clear air. Garden that featured the theme of flowers and vegetables or fruit tree changing expression every season invites you. At restaurant looking at TOKACHI, we use vegetables and fruit harvested in garden, and menu which was particular about ingredients is popular.

From April 28 to October 31
From 9:00 to 18:00
■Regular holiday
It is without holiday during period
■Parking lot
150 cars
Free of charge lower than 800 yen for adults, junior high student 400 yen, primary schoolchild
■The location
Makubetsu-cho character steady renewal 13-5
Map cord124 419 259*30
Possible pet companion (in the building, impossible)
One which visit with wheelchair is possible, and there is wheelchair rental in
(there is place that cannot run partly)

The latest information

Date Title
2018-06-15 Friday New plan! Hills dynasty Marchais
2010-12-07 Tuesday It is Christmas information of Tokachi Hills.
Delicious TOKACHI pure vinegar

Please thoroughly enjoy dishes of chef (Mold station wagon Victor) who acted as chef at five star hotel or Republic of Hungary staying in Japan embassy.
●Monday regular holiday

Flower calendar

From May to June
  • himekobushi
  • Mangolia
  • Narcissus
  • Plum
  • Cherry tree
From July to August
  • Lupine
  • Rose
  • Blue angel
  • nepeta
  • geraniumu
  • ekinasea
From September to October
  • Peacock aster
  • Hydrangea paniculata
  • Colored leaves
  • heriansasu
  • Tariq tram