Gareden Room Plan

Let's stay over hokkaido garden pass!

Special plan of garden fan limitation that hokkaido garden pass official hotel suggests.
You can enjoy plan only in each hotel including room among scenery and waste flowers from window.

Hoshino resort OMO7 (omosebun) Asahikawa

We offered color, flavor, feel of a material, sound when we went round gardens, Rose room to be able to enjoy for the five senses that were felt until wind, herb room two types. (the Ueno Farm Ueno sand Yuki supervision) ※Photograph / herb room Furano Onsen "hot water of purple Aya" bathing ticket to appease.

9, 6-jodori, Asahikawa-shi
Map cord 793 741 23*67
Phone number

Sahoro resort hotel

It is convenient for way station of garden way leading from Asahikawa, Furano to Obihiro. Space of * palm which is totally wrapped in comfort such as hideaway among forests. We offer slight present only for garden room.

Shintoku-cho Karikachi Heights
Map cord 608 892 719*86
Phone number

Spa resort Hokkaido hotel of forest

We offer garden chair and parasol on large terrace, and flavor of aroma that there is in the room creates relaxation space more. It is guest room to be able to spend relaxedly while looking at colorful garden spreading out in front.

19-1, Nishi-7-jominami, Obihiro-shi
Map cord 124 564 812*41
Phone number

Tokachigawa Onsen Dai-ichi Hotel Toyosu bower, bean positive bower

Toyosu bower guest room which can overlook magnificent scenery only in accommodation at the bank of Tokachi River. It is guest room of "moor hot spring" of Hokkaido inheritance with open-air bath in all rooms. Please spend time with rich natural scenery slowly.

12, Tokachigawaonsenminami, Otofuke-cho
Map cord 369 636 602
Phone number