Gareden Room Plan

Special plan of garden fan limitation that hokkaido garden pass official hotel suggests.
Of room which can enjoy scenery from window, bath powder of original "bath salts", garden way original goods
Presents. You can enjoy plan only in each hotel.

Hotel of European style

Asahikawa Grand Hotel

Memory open in two Rose rooms, herb room two
It is now on sale by plan! (please see homepage in detail)

Hokkaido garden pass which linked TOKACHI - Furano - Asahikawa in beautiful garden. As it was on the surely best trip if customer enjoyed to see beautiful flower and scenery could fall asleep while even accommodations were wrapped in the lingering sound, we thought whether it was flower and supervised this garden room. Please spend a relaxing time in room studded with hue and light that we felt in garden, a lot of elements of garden including flavor.
The supervision: Ueno Farm Gardiner Ueno sand Yuki

Garden room is space with "thought to wait for spring in the white world" of Ueno sand Yuki as form.
You can enjoy a feeling of accidental light and air overlapping in change of time.
We pray for feeling fragment of color and flavor of flowers in this room, and being able to spend re-experience given gentleness of Ueno Farm garden.
Design: gin Tsuchida Minako

●Humidification air cleaner with
 ・Equipped with air cleaner with clean air and humidification by streamer technology keeping moisture
●Nanocare dryer
 ・To hair and the skin which are healthy with nanoE & mineral platinum, and are beautiful.  mineraruhettosupa is made while drying.
 ・We use Bet of Simmons.
 ・It is flavor of symbol of good luck and loved herb "Verbena hybrida" for a long time. It is L'OCCITANE amenity of healing.
●Bath salts
 ・Hokkaido garden pass original bath salts
 ・It is salt of flavor of rose which we picked up in Rose room = garden.
 ・It is herb room = wind and salt of flavor of idle lavender.
●Ueno sand Yuki select "fabric water"
・We are fully equipped with three kinds of fabric mist to choose for feeling and preference of customer
 ・Flavor of lavender that heart feels at ease
 ・Flavor of Rose who is refined with beauty
 ・Flavor of refreshing green tea
●Ueno sand Yuki select "tableware"
 ・Latte cup spoon flavor tea (with postcard of Ueno Farm)
●Ueno sand Yuki select "accessories holder"
 ・Pretty accessories holder which had one of small bird and squirrel of earthenware
●Moulding of ceiling
 ・We direct elegance and magnificence by moulding at night on ceiling to look at when we got up in the morning when we sleep.
●Lamp shade
 ・It becomes original lamp shade, and picture rises when we light lamp.
 ・Picture of Rose room = rose rises.
 ・Herb room = flower rises.
 ・Direction that we sit down on bed with slightly high bedhead, and talkative person can enjoy
 ・Rose room = 115cm in height
 ・Herb room = 80cm in height
●Sofa & cushion
 ・We are particular about the subject matter, and the feel, feel prepare various things. Pillow cushion with bedhead
  We prepare matching thing.
●We direct Toride of furniture with earthenware of floral design cutely.
 ・Curtain which can enjoy light and shadow without using shading curtain daringly.
 ・Lace curtain of Rose room = pink and rose
 ・Curtain of share of herb room = sherbet color and flower design. With <shading roll curtain.>
 ・We direct gradation of garden using two kinds of carpets
 ・Rose room = beige
 ・Herb room = green
●Art & photograph
 ・We display photograph of botanical art and Ueno Farm.

9, 6-jodori, Asahikawa-shi
Map cord 793 741 23*67
Phone number

To look for flower language, to the stage of story

New Furano Prince Hotel

●Plan Name/ plan name garden room plan "town side upper rank special room"
●We use "MORRIS DESIGN STUDIO" design interior in the Interior/ interior 19th century
・With "MORRIS DESIGN STUDIO" design, WILLIAM MORRIS (1834-1896) William Morris is known as British great artist, thinker of the end of 19th century and is said to be the founder of modern design. We concentrated power on general design of interior decoration saying, "artistic supervision was necessary for work of all decoration". Wall paper and textile which created the natural world in particular in motif still catch heart of many people with beauty full of a feeling of life.
・Curtain race, doh curtain to rape, Bet cover, foot throw, cushion, shower curtain
●Indoor display of Picture/ Hideaki Kanai rural district fantasy image
・It lasts more than 30 years and continues describing Nature of nickname Hokkaido of "Grand Kanai" from Hideaki Kanai Sapporo and living of playing children and people, and the taste filled with homesickness to describe in the whole body as rural district fantasy image artist gives people ease, and we are loved by nickname of Grand Kanai by many people.
・We display "Kaze-no Garden" which Hideaki Kanai drew fantasy image in the room.
●Welcome/ welcome
・ We display flowers arranged of Kaze-no Garden to small vase and invite.
●Present/-style gadenorijinaruguttsu present
●Present/ special treatment ticket
・We can enjoy Kaze-no Garden for free admission ticket, "night garden" by fantastic light started on Sunday, June 1 this season. ・ Furano Onsen "hot water of purple Aya" bathing ticket to heal fatigue of trip.

Nakagoryo, Furano-shi
Map cord 919 553 451*65
Phone number

Good-quality hotel which was wrapped in anion

Sahoro resort hotel

Both heart and body create space of healing that can be relaxed while looking at forest of Sahoro, and please enjoy amenity that heart tickles.

Amenity brand from the U.K.
Gilchrist&Soames VerdeCollection 
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body butter.
Unisex flavor to combine plant extract which we grew at the Mediterranean Sea coast, and to be clean lightly
Leaf, basil of olives, grape seed, lemon, extract of fig, warmth and comfort of rich climate blessing of the Mediterranean Sea give hair and the bare skin nutrition.

Pajamas, bathrobe, cotton slippers

●Herb tea (afternoon Rose, Rose hips Venus, the duck mile night)
In herb tea of detox effect to drain harmful mineral from the body by diuretic effect from the inside of body in beauty.

●Aroma D fuser
We offer relaxation and five kinds of aroma that there is a refresh effect in. To feeling of customer, please enjoy flavor.
 ・Orange suite
 ・Grapefruit white
 ・Tea Tolly
 ・Eucalyptus Australia

●Houseplant banyan tree "tree of bed of roses"
We give glory to pretty palm size of banyan tree called "tree which apparition of a living person bringing happiness dwells" in "tree of bed of roses".

Sahoro resort original eco-background with logo

Of 5400 yen per person rate / (we can usually upgrade than plan)
※Two-limited a day, non-smoking room, use of one two people

Phone number
Shintoku-cho Karikachi Heights
Map cord 608 892 719*86
Phone number