Each local recommended spot

The Asahikawa district

Hill of Shujitsu

It is View Point located on southeastern side of Asahikawa Airport in the south end of Asahikawa-shi, small hill in west noh dance district. Charm here is location that can overlook all of Tomuraushi, Tokachidake mountain range and mountain range of continuing Daisetsu from table Daisetsu which assumes Asahidake the highest peak.

TEL/0166-23-0090 (association of sightseeing in Asahikawa convention)

The Furano district

Location from north country

Location from north country

House of stone which main character, Goro Kuroita from TV drama "north country" of Satoru Kuramoto script piled up stone which appeared from field steadily and made and gave. Drama is the same, and the inside of house can enter inside.

Period /4 moon from the end to the end of November
Time /9 at 30 - 18:00 (or until sunset):
It is without holiday during / period on regular holiday
Parking lot /100 stand
Admission /500 Japanese yen (as for less than primary schoolchild, free)
Location / Higashirokugo, Furano-shi
TEL/0167-23-3388 (furano Tourism Association)

TOKACHI district

Moor hot spring

Vegetable hot spring which gushes out from sub-coal bed which ancient plant deposited, and is very rare in the world. We are appointed to Hokkaido inheritance and are popularity as Bijin-no-Yu where skin becomes soft and smooth.

Tokachigawa Onsen tourist association