Hokkaido Garden Path Ticket

We sell advantageous ticket with convenience to be able to use 4 facilities for from 8 facilities

We sell available advantageous ticket by visiting gardens.
We sell ticket at window of each garden during period.

To all the one that circulated through (from May 13, 2017 to October 15), all the hokkaido garden pass 8 facilities during period,
We present 8 garden original "bookmark" sets.
Please show brochure to the staff in the last garden.
[target garden] Garden, Ueno Farm, Kaze-no Garden, Tokachi Sennen-no Mori, Manabe Garden, Tokachi Hills, Shichiku Garden, Rokka-no Mori of large Yukimori

We stay at 2 facilities from 8 garden + hokkaido garden pass official hotel and present hokkaido garden pass original earthenware of ceramist Hideki Origasa to 50 people from ten which attracted stamps in total pairwise by lot!
[target hotel] Asahikawa Grand Hotel, rabbi studio Daisetsuzan, New Furano Prince Hotel
Sahoro resort hotel, Hokkaido hotel, Tokachigawa Onsen Dai-ichi Hotel

We are resident in Kasama-shi, Ibaraki. We play an active part as Kasama ware ceramist from Makubetsu-cho, Tokachi. We attract style of calm atmosphere and produce original earthenware for hokkaido garden pass using raw materials (obsidian) which we gathered this time from Tokachi Plains softly.

●Application method
If ten stamps gather, "you cut, and please mail lower part after entry with the following necessary matter from line".
●Deadline for application
It must arrive by October 31, 2017 (effective only for one one)
●Successful announcement
We exchange announcement of elected candidate with product shipment by March 31, 2018.
The hokkaido garden pass meeting secretariat (the federation of TOKACHI sightseeing)
〒080-0012 12, Nishi-2-jominami, Obihiro-shi

Contact information

Sightseeing in tokachi information TEL: 0155-23-6403
furano Tourism Association TEL: 0167-23-3388
Sightseeing in Asahikawa product information center TEL: 0166-26-6665

We sell ticket in each garden facility.